This section is dedicated to the books I have read along the path that have served and inspired me. From spiritual to factual and autobiographical, each has had its place on my life journey as a woman, a mother and as a yogini.

Daniel Odier – Tantric quest
Shiva Rea – Tending the Heart Fire
Micheal Roach – How yoga works
Lorin Roche – Radiant Sutras
Sri Swami Satchidananda – Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Sally Kempton – Awakening Shakti
Sally Kempton – For the Love of Meditation
translated by Stephen Mitchell – Tao Te Ching

Pam England and Rob Horowitz – Birthing from Within
Ina May Gaskin – Spiritual Midwifery
Naomie Stadlen – What Mothers Do

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli – Yoni Shakti
Sjoo & Mor – The Great Cosmic Mother
Naomi Wolff – Vagina
Alexandra Pope – Wild Power
Clover Stroud – My Wild and Sleepless Nights


  • Why Yoga brings us back from the edge
    Thousands of people are practicing yoga all over the world. What is it that draws people in? And more importantly why do people become so devoted. I am one of those devotees! And I have asked myself that question a few times over the past 20 years! It’s a bit like trying to work out why you love someone, there are just so many reasons but at the same time no real reason at all! But there is ONE thing that I think is the most powerful….. Contentment. Or Santosa in Sanskrit, which is the second of the 5 Niyamas…
  • Garden yoga at Wild Fairmount
    I welcome you to our private, quiet, beautiful Brixton garden to practice yoga under the canopy of our honey locust tree. There is ample room to practice a healthy distance apart and feel safe in your own space. And if the weather turns we have some indoor space too. Everyone is welcome! Booking is essential, and class numbers are currently limited to 6 people. Entrance is through the Garden gate between 14 & 16 Fairmount Road, SW2 The classes are fun, relaxed and a wonderful opportunity to practice outdoors and get grounded at this crazy time. There is nothing like…
  • Knowing what you need
    Life gets a rather crazy over Christmas and chances are things ran away with you a little! Then January hits and you vow to do your yoga practice twice a day and only eat green soup with gluten free crackers and never let sugar pass your lips again…. help! and by January 20th or maybe 15th or maybe even the 10th everything is hard work and all you want to do is eat cake and stay in bed. I have always been all or nothing. Growing up I was either so committed, training for a big event, competing or chilling…
  • Secret Yoga Club
    Secret Yoga Club weekend with Laurella Fox-Pitt and Gabrielle Hales Secret yoga club and Wild laurel are delighted to be hosting a nurturing weekend of yoga and delicious food from Friday 4th December – Sunday 6th December in Knowlton Court, a beautiful private estate in Kent. Laurella Fox Pitt and Gabrielle Hales will teach flows to awaken and inspire and restorative classes to melt the mind and body. A wonderful Secret Yoga club chef will provide delicious, seasonal feasts to delight your taste buds and warm your soul. There will be natural wines to sate your inner lush and free time…
  • Raw Chocolate cups
    Amazingness is raw chocolate in a little cup. So simple, so easy. If I am honest I don’t really have a recipe, my chocolate, like many things in my life is pretty freestyle. I just enjoy mixing, making and tasting 🙂 Here is a rough guide to how these chocolate cups came to fruition….. Large heaped spoon of coconut oil gently melted Maple syrup to sweeten to your taste Raw Cacao powder about 2 tablespoons Ground almonds 2 tablespoons Pinch of salt Vanilla 1/2 tsp Lucuma 1 tsp Mix really well before adding……. Big handful of goji berries Small handful…